I was born in Syktyvkar in 1970.

From my childhood I painted a lot. I studied at children's school of art. Later, in the studio of artists under guidance of a master Junus Karimow,

I learned the grammar of drawing nude figures. 

Due to my parents, who always supported my passion for art, and my fantastic teachers of children's arts school in Syktyvkar I found the path of my life in the painting art.

In 1990 I was graduated from Yaroslavl Art School. 

For a long time I taught drawing, painting and composition at children's school of art. In this phase I was trailing different painting technics and also monumental wall paintings. 

In 2010 I was graduated from the artistic and graphic design faculty of the state university of Syktyvkar in Russia.

Since 2012 I live in Germany. The joint artist's journeys with Junus Karimow all across Europe, solo exhibitions, different water color workshops, participation in the International Festival "Fabriano In Acquarello" in Italy – all this is the new impress of my life. 

Outdoor painting has a key importance for me. There I can find the whole nature forms and colours, which inspire me over and over again. 

I came to accept that painting is a never-ending and learning process, where the changes in the palette of creative techniques makes my work so exciting.